Thursday, October 11, 2007

Just Throwing This Out There: Brad Religion

fratSo Mark and I have been practicing some Bad Religion tunes with our new band lately (and special guest star Fire Hydrant leadman Matt Menhe). Which got me to thinking of what would make a funny BR cover band…

My best idea: Brad Religion. Bad Religion songs retooled into songs about partying. You could do “1000 Pledges” (…are born every fuckin’ day), “Ingested” (a cover of “Infected” about all the things you eat on dares), and “The Panty Raider” (say it to the tune of “Generator”).

A Greek-themed Nirvana cover band would probably be more appropriate (sadly).

Photo: Actual White Stripes fans. Taken from

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  1. That's an absolutely fantastic idea. I see the logo "BR" in greek lettering and the marketing's built in, what with that logo emblazoned on visor caps...