Tuesday, September 18, 2007

You Don't Know Me: MFNW 2007

So at the Music Fest Northwest after party, I started on Tequila. I mean, I had to match last year's madness and I wasn't anywhere close when I arrived. But after a couple of drinks they ran out of tequila. So I switched to vodka. Then they ran out of vodka. So I switched to beer. Then I lost my mind. I talked about garage rock with Tom Humphreys all night, didn't dance with any babes, went home and puked. The next morning I had the worst post-college hangover I have known and had to drive to Popeye's in my bathrobe to obtain nourishment. I kind of forgot about MFNW, which woulda been a bummer because I had a blast. Luckily, my adventures are recorded here on HARP Magazine's website.

Photo: Jackie-O Motherfucker, taken by Michael Byrne in his final hours as a Portlander.


  1. What does a vegetarian eat at Popeye's? Did you cave to the temptations of their wonderful grease-filled "chicken" skin balloons?

  2. As a pescaterian, or "fishaterian," I indulge in Popeye's popcorn shrimp from time to time.

  3. Tom H. has a good term for it: Opportunarian. Loosely, it's defined as "one that eats whatever the fuck they can get their hands on when they're massively drunk, massively hungover, or poor.