Wednesday, August 22, 2007

WW, a look back

simmsToday you’ll find my farewell letter on localCut. You may discover that it’s a bit cold and impersonal. More concerned with the newspaper and the scene than with personal anecdotes. Well I sat down and that’s what came out. That’s what was on my mind.

But there is room for some mushiness. I got my start at WW and learned how to fly there. I remember drafting this, my first piece for WW, about my favorite band at the time, Euromotion. It's a little fanboy-ish and press release-like but I stand by it. I still have nothing negative to say about this band other than that they broke up (you fuckers!). Interesting trivia: "Fritz" bears quite a resemblance to Shaky Hands guitarist Jeff Lehman if you look closely...

It wasn't long till I was riding around with the Clorox Girls, and scrawling notes front row at a speed metal fest like a real rock journo!

And then I was shaving my entire body in a semi-public dorm bathroom in order to try to become a male stripper. I remember when I didn't even get to audition at Silverado after all the shaving (The Viewpoint at least gave me a shot, but that was later). I seriously almost cried. But I called my editor, Byron Beck, and he was like, "You have an even better story now!" This is definitely the hardest I've worked for a story.

A short two weeks later, all hell broke loose based on this innocent news box about the band then known as the Punk Rock Faggots. Do you have an Indy Media thread with 100 comments hating you? I do! Luckily I also had an editor who came to my rescue.

By summer time I was taking a fire-breathing radio host for the ride of his life.

I think my knack for writing boxes (350 word pieces about a band) peaked with this one about Erik Anarchy last winter.

What followed was a period of madness and debauchery. And fisting. Penance was paid in pieces on the New Bloods and women, queers, and people of color in the music scene in general.

Then what I like to call the "phoning-it-in period." Sorry Rabbits and Goregon Massacre Fest, my heart just wasn't in it.

I shook my hangover for decent articles on the Obituaries and Oakhelm and then abruptly pulled the plug.

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  1. Those Indy Media assholes. That was fun, though, wasn't it?