Friday, August 3, 2007

Three things I learned last night at the Obits and Pierced Arrows show

I didn't bring a notebook or a camera to last night's Obituaries reunion show, so I'm not prepared for a proper review, but I did learn three important things.

1) I think I might like Pierced Arrows more than Dead Moon. I know it sounds crazy and the reason is totally biased but here goes. Dead Moon was always this thing that started when I was three years old (seriously!) and that I've had to catch up on. But Pierced Arrows is happening right now. They were noticeably tighter than at their first show, which was really good to begin with. And it's going to be fun to watch them debut new songs and watch their fanbase shift a little. I was always impressed with Dead Moon for sticking with it for so long, but the Coles have impressed me even more by not being afraid to start over after. They are the most rock 'n' roll people on the planet.

2) I really really like the Obituaries LP, but I didn't fully grasp the brilliance of the band until I saw them live. Monica Nelson is quite awkward and shy (but that wasn't a surprise) and Rob Landoll is a showman in the extreme. This pairing--a seemingly terrified singer right next to a guy who comes off like Reverend Horton Heat's son--is marvelous.

3) The rest of the Obits can really play. Honestly, folks, this is probably the most successful reunion after decades that I know of. Regina LaRocca is the sort of head-down-never-miss-a-note bass player you can't go wrong with. James Mahone is an extremely loud and professional drummer even when he is completely and utterly stoned beyond belief (as he was last night). And Landoll is versatile as fuck. Dude wields a slide one minute and plays heavy fucking metal the next, seamlessly.

The Obits have several other shows. I found the photo of last night's show by trolling the quadspace.


  1. Thanks for the cool comments. But James is 100% sober now, despite whatever gave you that impression.

    It's a pretty mean feat to turn when you basically use to do about everything bad-for-you that there is, so I just thought I should clear up that misconception.

    I was near him the whole night...high on the music, yes.

    Thanks again Jason,

    --Brandon (Obits Manager)

  2. Yeah, wow. He just looked totally spaced out, staring straight ahead. He really must have been high on the music. Go James!