Sunday, August 12, 2007

Loomis photoshoot

I stopped by one of former Dead Moon, current Shiny Things drummer Andrew Loomis' DJ nights at the Tonic Lounge to get a couple of words with him for this WW story, as well as a forthcoming piece in another pub, and not knowing what the art sitch was gonna be for either of these, I figured I'd shoot Loomis flipping records.

When I arrived, Loomis was all upset about a piece of paper he got in the mail.
loomis 001

But his spirits improved as Lisa, who used to be a bartender at Loomis' favorite spot, the Chin Yen, poured us numerous strong drinks, facilitating frivolous use of the metal sign.
loomis 009

Then it was record spinning time. There was some Cheap Trick, some Echo and the Bunnymen (of course) and whatever this album is (I'll buy the first person to correctly identify it a drink at the Tonic).
loomis 018

And some KISS...
loomis 035

And finally some contemplative staring.
loomis 046

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